How to setup connector for outlook.

How to setup Zimbra MAPI connector with Outlook.


This document will show you how to setup the ZCO Connector for MS Outlook.


  • An active Hosted Exchange account with Internet Access Solutions


1. Download the connector using one of the links below.
ZCO 32bit Connector
ZCO 64bit Connector
ZCO 32bit Connector (version 8)
ZCO 64bit Connector (version 8)
ZCO 64bit Connector (version 8.05)
ZCO 32bit Connector (version 8.05)

2. Once downloaded ensure that Outlook is closed on your computer and run the downloaded connector.

3. Once the connector has been installed, open Outlook

4. Outlook will prompt you to select a profile to use, by default it will say Zimbra (see image below). If you have existing email in outlooking use a POP or IMAP based connection and wish to keep that mail change the drop down box to the previous profile, it will be named Outlook by default. Then click on Ok.

5. Outlook will open as normal at this point, now you must add the new account. Click on the Tools menu and select Account Settings, the accounts dialog window will appear.

6. Click the icon labeled NEW, the account setup screen below will appear.

7. Select Other as the type, and then select Zimbra Collaboration Server from the selection box and click Next.

8. The settings box below will appear.

9. For the server name enter the name you were provided when you signed up.

10. Make sure to check off Use Secure Connection, enter your full email address in the Email Address box as well as your password in the Password Box.

11. Click on OK

12. Your account is now setup in Outlook and will appear on the left hand side of your screen. It will be labled as a folder list starting with Zimbra - Your Name

13. If you exist and re-open outlook and are prompted again to select the profile to use, please select Outlook. Follow the steps below to set the profile as default.

14. Open the Control Panel

15. Select Mail

16. The window below will appear, select the profiles button

17. Change the radio button at the bottom from Prompt for profile to Always Use This Profile, and then make sure the work Outlook appears. Click on OK.

18. Outlook should now open and not prompt you for a selection.