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Frequency Asked Questions About Virtual Servers

How easy is it move a physical server in to a virtual server

Using our virtual server migration tool we can help you migrate a running server in to our virtual cloud with a few clicks of a mouse. This allows you to easily move your server in to our virtual enviornment without having re-install operating system or software.

Does my virtual server have high availability

All virtual servers hosted by Internet Access Solutions will have high availability at the machine level. This means that if there is ever a failure on any of our physical servers that host your virtual machine your server will continue to run without impact. If you require software high availability you will need to utilizing some type of heart beat of cluster software.

Will I have console access to my virtual server

Using our web portal all administrators will have access to a virtual console as well as the ability to power off, power on or reboot your virtual server. Our web portal is designed to ensure you have the same ability on your virtual machine as you would on a physical server.

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