Virtual Servers - scalable perfection

Deploy and manage with ease

Going virtual doesn't mean you lose control, our easy to use web portal provides the following features:

  • Console access to your virtual machine
  • Virtual media access
  • Power your server on, off or reboot with the click of a mouse
  • Upgrade resources (RAM, CPU)
  • Add additional servers to your account

Migrate physical servers

Using our migration software you can easily take a running physical server and convert it to a virtual machine in our cloud. No need to re-install or re-configure your server.

The Internet Access Solutions Virtual server advantage

Internet Access Solutions Virtual server platform is designed and built upon the industry leading VMware vSphere technology. Utilizing VMware allows us to provide you with the most advanced cloud virtual server solution in the industry.

Data center replication

Our virtual server platform spans our two geographically diverse data centers. Using real-time data replication our cloud is able to survive in the event of a complete data center failure with no down time to your server.

Choose your operating system

Choose from a variety of operating systems that are already bundled on our platform including popular 64-bit Linux Distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) or choose Windows 2008 R2. You may also use our control panel to install any other operating system.

Resize your server

Our virtual servers can start small and grow as you need them to. With the use of our web portal you can simply increase the resources to your server as needed.

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