Business Telephone Services

Business Telephone Services

Traditional telephone services were not designed to accmodate the needs of today's business customers. With Internet Access Solutions Business Phone service you can easily connect to existing legacy phone systems with ISDN PRI Interfaces or Analog lines. Using IP based SIP services we are able to easily connect your new IP based phone system to the PSTN without requiring gateways or other expensive conversion equipment.

One time installation fees apply.

Call Features

  • Emergency 911 - Should you ever have an emergency you will be able to dial 911 for assistance.
  • Caller ID - See the name and telephone number of the person calling you.
  • Call Waiting - Receive a second call while you are on the telephone.
  • Conference Calling - Speak with two people at the same time in a 3 person conference.
  • Last Call Return - Dial back the last number that called your line.
  • Call Forward Busy - Send calls to a different number if you are on the phone.
  • Call Forward no Answer - Send calls to a different number if you do not answer the phone.
  • Call Forward All - Forward all calls to a different number.
  • Line Hunting - Create hunt groups for multi line configurations.
  • VoiceMail - Allow callers to leave you a message if you do not answer.
  • Keep Your Number - We can port your number to our service allowing you to keep your existing number.

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