Off-site Backup Solutions

Implementation and Pricing

With Internet Access Solutions' Off-site backup you only pay for the storage that you use on a monthly basis. As your storage needs increase or decrease you only pay for the largest amount of storage used during the month, allowing you flexibility and freedom.

GB StorageMonthly Cost1 Year Term3 Year Term
First 250GB$0.18/GBN/AN/A
Next 250GB$0.16/GBN/AN/A
Next 500GB$0.13/GBN/AN/A
Next 1TB$0.10/GBN/AN/A
Next 5TB$0.09/GBN/AN/A
6TB+Contact us for a custom solution and price

Unlimited file versions

Backup as many different versions of a file as you want. By default our solution allows unlimited versions however you may control how many versions of a file are kept allowing you complete control of your storage usage.

Ease of configuration

Once you have signed up with Internet Access Solutions you will receive your login and password for our online web portal. In order to start using the service you simply need to install the software on each computer or server that you would like to backup. Our easy to use wizard will assist you in selecting the files and folders you wish to backup as well as setup your daily backup schedule. Once configured the system will automatically backup on a daily basis requiring no manual intervention again.
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