Hosted Exchange Service

You need access from any device, any time and any place. It's that Simple!

No longer is having your email received on a mobile device enough, you need full synchronization between your desktop and all of your mobile devices. Access to your Email, Contacts, and Calendar are a necessity in today's fast paced business environment. You can set up and use as many devices as you want with your hosted Exchange account. Hosted Exchange provides you with complete sync of all folders as well as allowing you to setup shared contact lists, group and shared calendars. All accounts include integrated SPAM and Anti-Virus protection at no additional cost for each account subscriber.

Internet Access Solutions provides easy support for ActiveSync devices (iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices) as well BlackBerry mobile devices support via our BlackBerry Enterprise server. Allowing you and your team the freedom to choose the device that best fits their needs without limiting the capabilities on a per user basis.

Hosted Exchange service packages
Features Lite Package Pro Package
Mailbox Storage 3GB 5GB
Custom Domain Name (
Shared Calendars  
Global Address Book  
Local Address Book
Web Interface
Administrator Control Panel
MAPI Enabled  
ActiveSync Enabled
BlackBerry Enterprise Server from $4.95/month from $4.95/month
Monthly Fee from $5.95/month from $7.95/month

The Flexibility and Customization to expand as your business needs grow.

Data Matter's Hosted Exchange service provides the flexibility and cost effective solution tailored to your business without the ongoing maintenance and capital expense of operating your own servers. Saving you money and IT resources.

With pricing on a per mailbox setup you only pay for what you need. Our technical support team will work with you on the migration from your existing mail solution ensuring all your past data is accessible on our hosted service.

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