Hosted Exchange Service

Mobility is critical - Keep in touch anywhere

Our real-time wireless synchronization allows you to stay connected from anywhere, on any device at any time. If you are an Android, iPhone or Blackberry user, keep your contacts, calendars, and email data synchronized and up to date with the Internet Access Solutions Mobility options for Hosted Exchange.

Blackberry Sync

  • Wireless synchronization of email, folders, calendars, tasks and contacts.
  • Full synchronization using Blackberry Enterprise Server and push technology in real-time.
  • Fully encrypted data transfer.

ActiveSync Devices

  • Real-time synchronization with Internet Access Solutions Hosted Exchange using ActiveSync protocol.
  • Wireless Sync of emails, calendars, contacts and more.
  • Fully encrypted data transfer.

iPhone Sync

  • Real-time ActiveSync synchronization with Exchange
  • Wireless Sync of emails, calendars, contacts and more
  • Fully encrypted data transfer
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